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The world of business is constantly changing and becoming more dynamic, making it more important than ever to stay in the know and on top of the latest trends! Hear from your peers at other local small businesses as they share industry news, advice, tips and success stories in these Cape Cod Business Blogs – information you can use to help your own small business grow and thrive!

The SmarterCape vision for Cape Cod is a transformative community that enhances and further develops its innovative & entrepreneurial spirit and culture of creativity through the use of science & technology!

Cape Cod and the Islands offer cutting-edge conference facilities for all kinds of productive business gatherings, creative corporate functions and successful seminars.

Volunteering is a great way to immerse yourself in the community where you live and work! Whether it be participating in a beach clean-up or helping raise funds for your local library, volunteering enables you to give back, socialize and make new connections. Click here to be matched with meaningful volunteer opportunities on Cape Cod.

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