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Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce: Membership and Resources

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce Membership InformationThe Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is a membership organization that advocates on behalf of business to strengthen and promote regional economic vitality while addressing related cultural, environmental and community concerns. We are a catalyst and advocate for a vibrant economic community in order to create a better Cape Cod.

The Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to helping visitors to our region make the most of their vacation experience. Our professional, knowledgeable staff is happy to suggest accommodations, restaurants, transportation services, visitor attractions and more.  Our adminisntrative office and Welcome Center are located at 5 Patti Page Way in Centerville, just off Route 6.

Interested in becoming a member of the Cape Cod Chamber? 
Email Julie Quintero-Schulz, Vice President of Member Services & Community Development, or call her at 508-362-3225, ext. 512.

Watch this "Cape Convo" video with CEO Wendy Northcross to find out more about who we are and what we do!

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Learn about our tourism marketing program in our FY-16 Tourism Marketing Plan, and see examples of creative from recent seasonal ad campaigns.

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Read the findings of a Sports Marketing Strategy Report, prepared for the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce in April 2015.

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